What Is the Design and Production Process of Plastic Outdoor Playset?

Every industry has a product golden sales cycle. In terms of toy products, New Year's Day, Children's Day, Christmas and other holidays are a good time for toy sales. Therefore, experienced plastic outdoor playset companies will plan a new year's toy development plan at the end of the year or the beginning of the year, which means that it is important to clearly understand the design and production process of toys and master its development cycle. Today, I will tell you about the five major processes of plastic outdoor playset design and production to help companies make better market planning.

1. Design part of plastic outdoor playset

(1) Creative stage: This stage is mainly to confirm the design direction of the kids plastic outdoor playset project and do the preliminary market research. This stage lays the foundation for the subsequent links.

(2) Appearance design stage: This stage is a direct manifestation of creativity, and a good appearance design can quickly impress consumers.

(3) Functional structure design stage: The development cost and quality of the product are largely affected by this link. Whether a plastic outdoor playset can be produced on the ground depends on whether the functional structure design is reasonable.

(4) Prototype test stage: Prototype is the most direct way to test the success of the design, and it is an indispensable link in the design and production of the plastic outdoor playset.

2. Production of plastic outdoor playset

(1) Mold opening: The designed plastic outdoor playset need to be opened with a mold drawing or a prototype. If you want to mass-produce, you must have the corresponding mold.

(2) Production: After the mold is made, the manufacturer can purchase materials and use the mold for mass production.

The above is the design and production process in outdoor toy suppliers. Each process has a corresponding development cycle and different toy types. For specifics, you can directly consult our BOIT. We hope that our plastic outdoor playset products can make people not addicted to the Internet and electronic games. Spend more time on sports games, while having more fun and communicating with friends and children. This also helps people do some fun sports to keep us healthy, which is our brand philosophy.

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