Maintenance Skills of Kids Plastic Outdoor Playset

As people's living standards continue to improve, consumers have the opportunity to enjoy higher-quality products and services. Therefore, people's care for children is becoming stronger. The children's toy industry should also keep pace with the times and provide children with better quality toy products. The barrier-free packaging of plastic toys is a new design concept that is more scientific, convenient, safe, environmentally friendly and humanized based on various products on the existing market. Many parents now attach great importance to the safety of children's toys, whether it is the purchase of plastic lifelong toy sets or the disinfection and storage.

1. How to store plastic outdoor playset?

(1) Pack it up properly. Toys can be placed in low shelves without doors, wooden boxes without lids, or storage boxes. Some easily damaged materials, such as paper bags, plastic bags, etc., are not suitable for placing toys. In addition, every time children finish playing with toys, they should tidy up the toys in time and put them back in their original positions.

(2) Divided into categories. Generally, toys are classified according to their texture and materials, and various toys are stored according to their categories.

(3) Regular inspections. The plastic lifetime playset must be inspected regularly, and broken and old toys must be cleaned up in time.

(4) Clean toys frequently. Toys should be kept clean, especially cloth or plush toys are more likely to breed bacteria or mold in humid weather, and more attention should be paid to keeping them clean.

2. Disinfection methods of plastic outdoor playset

If you want to maintain the life of toys of different types and materials, and ensure the health and safety of customers when they use them, the cleaning and maintenance of plastic lifetime toy sets is extremely important. Of course, the key is to choose a qualified outdoor toy manufacturer when buying toys. Toys should be washed frequently and fully exposed to the sun. The cleaning method of plastic toys after use: first soak in clean water, or clean with a disinfectant diluted with solvents or tablets to ensure the cleanliness of the toys.

The storage requirements of plastic outdoor toys: avoid sunlight and put the toys in a dry and unventilated room. Toys can be freely manipulated, manipulated and used by young children, because toys conform to young children's psychological hobbies and ability levels, can meet their activity needs and improve their enthusiasm for activities.

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