Conformity Mark of Kids Plastic Outdoor Playset

Now the toy market is very chaotic, especially plastic outdoor toys, which have many inferior products. So how to buy qualified plastic toys? Next, BOIT will tell you about the standard identification of children's plastic toys. The standard markings for children's plastic toys are summarized as follows:

(1) Clarify and standardize the packaging identification and design requirements of various products of the company, and provide reference for IQC, QA, LAB testing.

(2) Applicable to the packaging label design and inspection of toy products, competitive products and charger products.

(3) 3C certification. 3C certification is the abbreviation of National Compulsory Product Certification. The state stipulates that six types of toy products such as plastic outdoor toys for toddlers must pass the national compulsory product certification, that is, have the "CCC" logo. If there is no 3C certification on the product, it is a fake and inferior product. However, the 3C mark is not a quality mark, but a basic safety certification, which can only prove that the product is qualified, but not the excellent performance of the product.

(4) High-quality plastic outdoor toys have much better gloss and color vividness than inferior plastic toys. Because high-quality plastic toys are made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, the plastic itself is very shiny.

(5) According to national standards, the thickness of plastic bags and plastic films used in packaging or toys should be between 0.036mm and 0.038mm. Monitoring found that among the unqualified products, the thickness of individual batches of plastic bags was only 0.027mm, which poses great safety hazards. So when you are purchasing the toys, please choose a qualified outdoor toy suppliers.

The above is the introduction to plastic outdoor toys provided by BOIT. If you want to learn more about the safety of children's toys, then continue to pay attention to Ningbo Boit Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. We will regularly update the relevant knowledge of children's plastic outdoor toys!

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