How to Clean Kids Plastic Toys?

The pirate outdoor toys of babies are always dirty after a long-term use. How should they be cleaned? According to the requirements of various users, Boit specially summarizes some methods for your reference.

When it comes to materials, first of all, detergent is necessary because it has the effect of removing oil stains. Rice vinegar can remove stains that are difficult to wash off, and it can be disinfected. It is edible and very hygienic.

(1) First, add detergent to a basin of water. Pirate outdoor toys that can be directly put into the water can be directly put into the water for washing. You can wipe some stains with a rag. For stains that are difficult to be washed with detergent, you can wipe them with a cloth stained with vinegar. The thicker the vinegar, the better. But be careful that too thick vinegar may damage your skin. You should wear rubber gloves to operate.

(2) As for kids plastic outdoor playset that can't be washed directly in the water, you have to wipe it with a rag stained with detergent. Similarly, if you encounter stains that are difficult to wipe off, you can wipe them off with vinegar.

(3) Finally, after the pirate outdoor toys are cleaned, you can use a basin of water with vinegar to wipe the toys with a rag again and thoroughly disinfect them. After putting it in the sun for a day, these kids plastic outdoor playset can be safely handed over to the baby.

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