How to Distinguish Good and Bad Plastic Materials for Children's Toys?

Although there are many children's toys made of plastic materials, many people cannot distinguish whether these plastic materials are good or bad, because few people have a clear understanding of it, but this is for their own children to play with it, so many parents still hope to distinguish the quality of these materials. So, how to distinguish the quality of plastic outdoor playset for toddlers?

1. Identification of High-quality Plastic Outdoor Olayset for Toddlers

(1) Look at the packaging: Check if the label is complete. Generally, the required symbols for toys must be shown on the outer packaging: mark, factory name, address, phone number, material composition, product name, model, etc.

(2) Look at the appearance of the plastic outdoor toys. The raw materials generally have good brightness, and the color is bright without impurities. High-end products generally have thick materials (which are also more expensive) and can withstand falling. Products that have sharp corners and fine particles that can cause injury.

(3) Smell their odors. Generally, plastic has a slight odor, but if the smell is too strong, it is not acceptable.

(4) Compare multiple brands to see which has a better price-performance ratio.

(5) Test the product, such as checking if the function is normal, whether the light is too bright, whether the sound is moderate, and whether all components are well connected.

(6) Poor-quality plastic toys are generally packaged simply, without labels, manufacturers or addresses. Parents should avoid purchasing such products.

2. Raw Materials of the Plastic Outdoor Playset for Toddlers

Low-quality plastic toys often contain excessively harmful substances such as polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, benzene, lead, mercury, and chromium. Frequent contact can cause skin allergies, and damage to the respiratory and nervous systems of children, and these substances may be inadvertently ingested during long-term play. Although the harms of some low-quality plastic products may not be immediately apparent, they accumulate over time and can cause damage to the liver and bone system. Therefore, parents must adopt the above suggestions when purchasing plastic toys for their children, to prevent plastic toys from harming their children.

High-quality plastic outdoor playsets for toddlers perform much better in terms of luster and color brightness than low-quality toys. This is because high-quality plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, which have a natural brightness. However, many inferior toys are usually made of "secondary materials" (i.e. recycled waste plastic products), and the color quality deteriorates after reprocessing. Although it is not certain that brightly-colored products are always safe, those with poor luster and color quality generally have safety risks.

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