The Most Classic Ball Games Can Be Attractive

Today, here an article about ball game toy for you. Many mothers say that they don't know what to play with their babies at home. All the games in the early education class will help you move home!

The props are simple and the gameplay is not complicated. Mothers can use the materials recommended in the text to play with their babies anytime, anywhere. Most babies like to play with various balls, whether it is a big ball or a small ball.

Don't know what to do with your baby? Then let spend the good time with the outside ball game. There are several methods of playing toys.

1. Rolling balls of ball games for kids

Suitable age: 1-2 years old

Need to prepare: ocean balls, disposable paper cups

Put a few disposable paper cups on one side of the dining table. The baby and dad sit on the other end of the table with the paper cups and roll the ocean balls into the paper cups to see how many can get in?

How many balls did you roll in? Let's count, let's compare and see who rolls in more balls. In the process of playing children's ball games, you can exercise your baby's hand-eye coordination and spatial perception.

2. Kicking the ball of ball games for kids

Suitable age: 1-2 years old

Need to prepare: small ball

If children who are learning to walk are very jealous when they see other friends running on the ground, don't worry, there are tricks for you too.

Mom and dad can protect the baby and let the baby play ball to the fullest. Mom can be naughty. At the beginning, keep the baby a little away from the ball and encourage the baby to try to get ball toys.

In this process, the baby can experience the distance and improve the perception of objects.

3. Passing the ball of ball games for kids

Suitable age: 2-3 years old

preparation: a small ball (ocean ball, table tennis), 2 plastic buckets with handles

Parents can clean the 2 plastic buckets with handles in advance and cut off the bottom.

This children's ball game can be played outdoors or at home, or multiple children can participate, or parents can play with each other, each person has a "bucket", two people toss the ball into each other's buckets, and can dodge in the process of passing, and compare to see who delivers the most accurate.

This game not only trains the baby's hand-eye coordination, but also trains the baby's concentration.

4. Throwing the ball of ball games for kids

Suitable age: 2-3 years old

Need to prepare: ocean ball, small box (small basket), color cardboard

Paste the color cardboards on the small baskets and place them from far to near. Parents will issue the passwords: "far", "near", "red", "blue", etc.

Don't underestimate this children's ball game. It can not only exercise spatial perception ability, but also cultivate children's color cognition ability. Slam dunk masters may be cultivated here.

5. Pushing ball game of ball games for kids

Applicable age: 3 years old +

Need to prepare: ocean ball, carton (2), fly swatter (2)

Think of the cardboard box as the goal. Dad and baby each have a fly swatter to grab the ball, and see who can score the ball toy into the opponent's goal first. The first one will be rewarded.

This small game can not only exercise the baby's athletic ability, but also cultivate the child's concept of victory and defeat, and the parent-child relationship will also be sublimated in the game.

6. Transport balls of ball games for kids

Applicable age: 3 years old +

Need to prepare: small ball, spoon

Several partners join together, put the ball on the spoon, stipulate the starting point and the end point, and who can successfully transport the ball to the end point who wins.

This children's ball game exercises children's balance ability and concentration. The round ball will roll down if you are not careful.

Ball games are also the most classic plastic outdoor toys for toddlers. In ball games, not only can children's wrist strength and fine motor skills be trained, but they can also train children's gross motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and balance, and enhance children's ability to respond quickly.

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