Slight-odor Toy Paint - The First Choice for Children's Plastic Toys

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for toys is increasing. However, many parents do not have a strong sense of screening toys, many of them are more inclined to choose prices. According to the requirements of National Toy Safety Regulations, all plastic outdoor toys for toddlers should be made of clean and pollution-free materials.

Toys are the things that children have the closest contact with, and they are also their favorite gifts. If it contains a lot of formaldehyde, it will seriously endanger the health of children. It is understood that currently many toys on sales in wholesale are not regulated. Most of the inferior toys on the market are made of recycled plastics. And most of these plastics are recycled plastics or mixed with other materials. The material is hard, dense, and has many impurities. The products produced are fragile. For children, fragile toys are very dangerous because broken plastic pieces can stab the child, and some small pieces can easily be swallowed by the child. What is even more frightening is that recycled plastics contain a variety of toxic and harmful heavy metals, and children's toys made of recycled plastics have many metals exceeding the standard. Many low-quality toys are becoming invisible killers affecting children's physical and mental health and life safety.

1. Irregular children's plastic outdoors playset manufacturers have exceeded the standard of formaldehyde

On the one hand, the reason is raw materials, paint is another one. The problem with raw materials is that many unscrupulous businesses reuse waste plastics and even medical waste to make toys and circulate them on the market for sale. When children play with outdoors playsets, sometimes they not only smell and touch, the young babies hold it in their mouths. Many black-hearted manufacturers use medical waste to make toys in order to reduce costs, which leads to excessive formaldehyde. In terms of paint, the paint itself contains a lot of heavy metals exceeding the standard. If they use unqualified paint in order to reduce the costs to make toys, heavy metals will exceed the standard such as lead and benzene.

2. How to buy plastic outdoors playsets for toddlers correctly

Therefore, when buying, pay attention to toys with manufacturer and professional 3C quality certification and other information. At the same time, you can use the method of smelling. If the smell is pungent and foul-smelling, you must not buy it so as not to affect the child's body and mind. healthy. In view of these safety issues that may exist in toys, parents should remember that the daily purchase of toys has a lot of smell, or the color is unusually bright, then they are more likely to have safety issues. For older children who have the ability to take care of themselves, parents should let them develop good habits, wash their hands frequently, and don't let children's plastic outdoors playsets touch their mouths. For younger children, parents should pay more attention to the production information and safety certification of the toy when buying toys.

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