The latest toys fashion trends in 2021

According to the United States Toy Association, the "Toy Trends Briefing" was recently released, which analyzes the popular trends of the US toy market in 2021, and summarizes the four major trends.

The latest toys fashion trends in 2021

Inter-generational toys

Affected by COVID-19, millions of families have been trapped at home.  "inter-generational toys" can promote inter-generational exchanges, it will become a major trend in 2021.

These toys mainly include educational toys, such as some family jigsaw puzzles, outdoor activity toys, nostalgic toys, and adventure toys, which can be played at any age.

Inter-generational Toys

Musical toys

Social media such as YouTube and TikTok have become incubators for popular songs and dance crazes. Toys that make children move and jump will become popular choices in 2021.

For example, new music players without screens, toys that encourage children to mix and make their own music, unboxing toys that integrate music into the display, and of course some classic musical toys.

Musical Toys

Emotional toys

The American Toy Association stated that according to the "Playing Genius" plan, families surveyed across the country said that playing together is the best way to help children deal with their emotions.

The association predicts that the demand for emotional toys will continue to grow in 2021. These toys help develop children's social and emotional learning skills, such as plush toys and dolls, and sensory toys that provide emotional relief. Choose Boit as your direct outdoor toy suppliers.

Social awareness toys

The United States Toy Association stated that the demand for toys that help increase social awareness is growing. This trend includes dolls that promote diversity and cultural awareness; environmentally-designed toys (and packaging); plush toys that promote the protection of endangered species; toys that recognize workers who are critical to society; and playsets with farm-to-table elements ; And STEAM toys featuring renewable energy.

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