Hand Held Pinball Machine

Portable Pinball Machine Handheld are not only suitable for children, but also for adults, so Handheld Mini Pinball Game is a good choice as a toy for parent-child interaction.

Handheld Pinball Machines can not only exercise reaction ability but also help children exercise social skills.

Handheld Mini Pinball Game
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Hand Held Pinball Machine
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Handheld Pinball Machine
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Handheld Pinball Game

Advantage of Handheld Pinball Machines

  • Handheld pinball game is made of thick plastic which is very sturdy and durable.

  • More importantly, handheld pinball toy surface is very smooth.

  • Handheld pinball game is portable and Lightweight, easy to carry.

  • Eco-friendly material.

  • Customize for customers.

  • Attach great importance to quality.

  • Desktop pinball machine have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.

  • Handheld pinball game is based on the baseball theme, with amazing playing surface and easy operations. Pinball handheld game has gained popularity among many people.

Specification of Portable Pinball Machine Handheld

Portable Desktop Pinball Game



Packing size

30 × 20× 7.5CM



Application of Portable Pinball Machine Handheld

It is suitable for kids even adults will enjoy the classic arcade game. Launch the ball with the plunger, and use levers to score as many points as possible. Aim for the ramps and score the highest.

Handheld Pinball Game for Picnic, Family and Party

Play handheld pinball game with your friend in party, picnic or after family dinner. Try to land your toy ball in the highest score area, this can be a easy match, or a single record of your own. Our Play handheld pinball game are available for many solutions. Inquiry more information about our ball toss game.

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