How Do You View the Gap Between the Prices of Park Outdoor Playground Equipment?

Building a park and purchasing amusement equipment is an essential step. Many buyers will shop around when choosing an amusement equipment manufacturer.

However, it is often found that the construction quotations of the same size site are not the same, and sometimes even the prices of the same type of equipment are different.

So where is the price gap of outdoor playground equipment in the park? What causes the difference between unpowered equipment prices? Today, BOIT will briefly discuss with you how to look at the gap between the prices of outdoor playground equipment in parks.

1. The materials of outdoor playground equipment are different

A large part of the price gap of outdoor playground equipment lies in the material. The same children's amusement equipment has different materials, materials used and production processes, and the price will also vary.

Taking common slides as an example, there are plastic outdoor playground equipment slides, glass fiber reinforced plastic slides, stainless steel slides, wooden soft-covered slides, etc. The materials used are different and the process costs vary greatly.

2. The process of outdoor playground equipment is different

The craftsmanship used in large outdoor playground equipment also determines the durability and safety of outdoor playground equipment, which is one of the reasons for the price gap of outdoor playground equipment.

Even if the raw materials of the same material are different, the process is different, and the product materials are different, the price of plastic outdoor playground equipment is also different.

Some small manufacturers cannot keep up with the technology, and the quality of the equipment, the smoothness and durability of the equipment will be poor, while the large manufacturers are more considerate in terms of details and safety.

For example: In terms of welding on the functional connection of amusement equipment, conscientious manufacturers will wrap it with soft sponge material in order to ensure safety, so as to prevent children from being injured. The consideration of these safety details will undoubtedly increase the production cost.

3. Different brands of outdoor playground equipment have different qualifications

Different brands of amusement equipment have different quality and prices for the same product. Take the clothing brand as an example. Even if the street stalls on the road and the clothes in the store look exactly the same, they will not be the same price.

The same is true for amusement equipment. Different brands will have differences in material selection and workmanship, and naturally there will be differences in quality and price.

Manufacturers of big brands have higher standard requirements on the quality and materials of plastic outdoor playground equipment. For small manufacturers without qualifications, the price must be cheap, but the quality of amusement equipment is definitely not guaranteed. 

The above is the view on how to look at the price gap between the park's outdoor playground equipment. If you want to choose high-quality and cheap amusement equipment, you need to visit the manufacturer in person. Only when you have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturer can you buy satisfactory products.

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