Trampoline Paddle Ball Set-Super Springy Ball Game

A toy suitable for people over four years old. 

This is a multi-functional and flexible super spring ball outdoor game set. 

You can play trampoline paddle ball set with your friends in the park or yard, pass tennis or volleyball, or use it as a frisbee alone. 

Trampoline paddle ball set can be used as a hands-on exercise for children.

Specification of Trampoline Paddle Ball

  • Metarial: EVA

  • Size: 30 x 30x 10 cm

  • Weight: 553g/set

  • Parts lis: Paddle discs x2,Pompom ball x1

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Lawn Trampoline Paddle Ball
Outdoor Springy Ball Set
Outdoor Trampoline Paddle Ball Game
Outdoor Trampoline Paddle Ball Set
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Yard Trampoline Paddle Ball Game
2 People Outdoor Ball Trampoline Game
2 Player Springy Ball Set
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Ball Game With Small Trampoline in Garden
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Trampoline Paddle Ball Game Pack
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Flexible Trampoline Paddle Ball
Red Trampoline Paddle Ball
Green Trampoline Paddle Ball
Two Trampoline Paddle Balls
Trampoline Paddle Ball for Two
Trampoline Paddle Ball Toy Set Pack

Advantage of Trampoline Paddle Ball Set

Support for both single and multiplayer play.

Small size, lightweight, high safety performance.

Support Frisbee, racket two ways of play.

Our trampoline paddle ball set doesn't have age restrictions, anyone who is above 3 years old, no matter you are a child, teen or adult, you can play with your friends for a lot of fun.  trampoline paddle ball can be applied in various sports games. Try to figure out a new idea of playing way.

Application of Trampoline Paddle Ball Set

A game set for family or friends to go to the countryside or play indoors. Even if you can't go outside, you can still use it to create a great indoor play time for the kids.

Yard game with ball and trampoline

Trampoline paddle ball set is a good choice for making new friends. When you are joining a party, and everyone here is not acquainted with you yet, you can join in their playing game, such as trampoline paddle ball and other toss game. In this way, you can be part of a new group quickly.

Lawn game ball trampoline

After a delicious dinner with your family, besides idle time in watching TV series, browse App, we recommend some easy sports games, such as trampoline paddle ball and other toss game. Doing some exercise in a standard level after dinner can help body digestion. Besides, you can have good integration with your family.

Beach game trampoline ball

Trampoline paddle ball set for a picnic is trending in nowadays. If you notice, national outdoor sports do have some condition restrictions, such as the place sizes, surface material for people to stand on, temperature and others. Trampoline paddle ball is easy to play with, suitable for outdoor picnics.

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