Outdoor play toys:Children need to stay away from electronic products

According to the survey, Children are becoming more and more addicted to electronic products

With Children spending more and more time on screens, parents worry that their children will be depressed or more isolated, their brains are continuing to develop.

Outdoor Play Toys

The analysis of Harvard Business School researchers in the United States shows that the human brain receives external information through five senses: 1% for taste, 1.5% for touch, 3.5% for smell, 11% for hearing, and 83% for vision. Eyes are very important for children, work and study.  A survey shows that the myopia rate of primary and middle school students nationwide is around 60%, and in some areas, it is as high as 80%.

Outdoor Play Toys

Outdoor play toys can provide kids with exercise opportunities and stay away from electronic products, Improve hand-eye coordination keep their hearts and bones healthy.

Outdoor Play Toys

More and more parents are addicted to technology products, neglect to take care of their children, are addicted to electronic products, and gradually become addicted. Reliance on electronic products reduces children’s chances of contact with others, especially traditional games between peers.

The following are our most popular children toys:

Bean bag tower game

Game with golf balls on strings

Frisbee bottle yard game

Basketball hoop headband game

Outdoor activities are a great opportunity to enhance the friendship and socialization between children. Promote children's expression and enhance parent-child relationship

Outdoor Play Toys

Electronic products deprive children of sleep time. Insufficient sleep or refusing to eat properly due to children's obsession with electronic products will affect the normal development of children.

Allowing children to spend more time on exercise can not only promote their growth and development but also allow them to get enough sleep and eat a variety of nutritious foods.

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