Disinfection Methods for Plastic Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

1. Ozone fumigation and disinfection of plastic outdoor toys for toddlers

At present, disinfection cabinets and disinfection boxes that can produce ozone are sold, most of which are used for disinfection of tableware, tea sets, etc., and can also be used for disinfection of toys here. This method is very simple to operate. Put the plastic outdoor toys for children in the disinfection cabinet and turn on the power. Generally, the fumigation time is more than 20 minutes. Ozone disinfection of toys does not leave harmful substances, and there is almost no damage to the toys. As long as there is a place to put the disinfection cabinet and box, almost all toys can use this method.

2. Soaking and disinfection of plastic outdoor toys for toddlers

Toys can be soaked for 2 hours with 0.2% peroxyacetic acid or 0.5% disinfectant. This method can kill the bacterial proliferation on the surface of plastic outdoor toys for toddlers, and the effect is fast and thorough. After the toy is rinsed, place it in a ventilated place to dry. Some plastic toys have some small holes, and the disinfectant will flow into the toy during the cleaning process. Therefore, pay attention to the disinfectant and water inside the toy when rinsing. If there is still water inside the plastic outdoor play equipment after drying, the baby shouldn't play with it and wait for it to dry before playing.

3. Wipe and disinfection of plastic outdoor toys for toddlers

You can wipe the plastic outdoor play equipment with 75% alcohol or 0.1% chlorhexidine solution. This method is suitable for toys with batteries or mechanical cores that cannot be soaked in water, that is, to keep the toys clean without affecting the maintenance requirements of the toys.

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