The Difference Between Rubber Toys and Plastic Toys

Now there are various toys and a variety of materials in the market. The common one is rubber toys and kids plastic outdoor playsets. Because both of them have superplasticity, the styles of toys are more vivid and attractive. What is the difference between rubber toys and plastic toys? Now BOIT will introduce it to you.

Ⅰ. The introduction of rubber toys

Rubber toys are more suitable for young children than toys made of other materials. The main component is resin, which is a polymer as the main component, infiltrated with a variety of auxiliary materials or additives and in a specific temperature, pressure with plasticity and fluidity, and can be molded into a certain shape, and under certain conditions to maintain the shape of the material, with environmental protection and non-toxic properties.

Our popular plastic outdoor toys for toddlers including:

Frisbee game with bottle on pole

Headband hoop game

Bean bag basket toss game

Golf ball ladder toss game

Ⅱ. The introduction of kids plastic outdoor playset

Plastic toys are made of plastic. Because of various problems in recent years, such as excessive plasticizers, the safety performance of kids plastic outdoor playset has been a concern. Toys made of plastic, divided into dynamic and static types. Dynamic toys are mainly inertia cars, electric cars, electric dolls, wind-up toys, which are made of plastic. Static toys are mainly blocks, spelling plug-ins, animals, characters or cartoon-shaped dolls, children's kitchens, household utensils, etc. When buying kids plastic outdoor playset, you need to pay attention to the warning signs or warning instructions on the packaging.

Through the introduction, we believe you already know the difference between rubber toys and plastic outdoor toys for toddlers. BOIT offers custom plastic outdoor playground equipment for children. These are more suitable for gardens, backyards, and other play areas compared to other garden playsets. Our ball game sets are perfect for indoor and outdoor play with friends. Our jumping rocket sets, which can be held on the lawn or in the backyard, are sure to bring you great fun. For interactive-oriented family-friendly outdoor toys, we have coin toss game sets that can be played outside with your kids. We also have other high-quality gardening equipment for children available on our website. Please feel free to consult us online!

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