How to Identify the Quality of Plastic Children's Toys?

When buying toys for children, parents are most concerned about the quality and safety of toys. Some plastic toys made of inferior plastic and leftover materials are harmful to children's health. Industry insiders suggest that the identification of plastic outdoor playset depends on color, thickness and smell.

1. Check the color of plastic outdoor play equipment

In order to identify inferior plastic toys, check the gloss and color brightness of plastic outdoor play equipment. High-quality plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, which are very shiny. Many inferior toys are made of "two materials" (that is, materials recycled and reprocessed from waste plastic products), and the color becomes worse after reprocessing.

2. Check the thickness of plastic outdoor amusement equipment

The finished products or parts of plastic outdoor play equipment are injection molded at one time. If the inner wall of the injection-molded toy is too thin, it is easy to break when children play. Plastic parts break into small pieces and sharp corners, which will cause danger to children.

3. Smell the odor of plastic outdoor play equipment

If plastic children's toys have a pungent smell, it is more likely to contain harmful substances, such as phthalate plasticizers and other harmful substances. You can wash and sun the plastic outdoor playset first to volatilize the plastic taste as much as possible to reduce the peeling pigment and the content of heavy metals.

When parents buy plastic outdoor amusement equipment for their children, they'd better try it first. Touch the edges and corners to see whether it is sharp, whether the shaking parts are firm, and whether there are small parts. Pull the toy with rope to see whether the length is appropriate. When selecting vocal toys, try whether the sound is too loud. When selecting luminous toys, see whether the light source is dazzling to prevent damaging children's hearing and vision.

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