Head Hoop Basketball Game

Basket case headband hoop game is a fun gift for people who can play at a Birthday party, Carnival, camping...

And head hoop game is easy to assemble, adjust the strap to fit your head, and insert the basket into the headband.

This headband basketball game is a certified crowd pleasure for indoor or outdoor.

Throw as many balls as possible into the basket the other player wears. At meanwhile, stop the other one and throw the ball into your basket.

Basketball hoop headband game is a fun competition between two players.

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Basketball Hoop Headband Game Installation Video

Head Basket Hoop Games

Head Hoop Basketball Game Advantages

  • Basketball hoop hat game are easy to install and easy to carry.

  • Adding water to the base becomes stable and convenient.

  • High-quality materials, freely adjustable size.

  • Basket case game use eco-friendly material.

  • Customize hand toss games for customers.

  • Headband hoop game attach great importance to quality.

  • Basketball hoop head hat game have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.

What's Basket Head Game Instructions?

When playing basket case headband hoop game, First, you put the basketball hoop headband game basket on your head. Secondly, toss colored basket head game balls up an into the basket or your opponent tries to get his colored balls into the basket on your head.

Does This Head Hoop Basketball Applied For Adult Head Band Game?

Usually, our headband basketball games are applied in childrens aged from 5-12 years. However, this head basketball hoop game with larger headbands, you can custom with our team member, thus you can get adult head band game. 

Head Basketball Hoop Game Specification

Head Basketball Hoop Game




26 X 26 X 5.5cm



Parts list

Adjustable headband x2

Support Pipe x6

Net x2

White ball x20

Red ball x20

Application of Headband Basketball Game

Endless backyard fun for the family, friends, camping trips, the beach, even indoor spaces like gymnasiums and more to enjoy their time do exercise.

Basket head game for Picnic, Party and Family Dinner

Playing baskethead games will be good leisure during picnic, party and family dinner time. Anyone who is above five years old can enjoy this game. During office and class time, if you confront some idea obstacles, you can take some little game to get new ideas. Get you and your friend in this game together, bring 20 white ball and red ball, and put headband hoop on your head, then you can shoot and get goals. Inquiry now!

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