Toy Football Net

Football small goal post is suitable for children over three years old to play. Children's indoor and outdoor toy football net.

Toy goal posts can be used both indoors and outdoors, free of site restrictions, simple to carry, and easy to install.

Toy Goal Net is The best welcome gift for children.

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Childrens Football Nets Video

Plastic Soccer Goal

Childrens Football Nets Details

  • The size of the football matches the design of the toy goal set, which is suitable for children's palms to grasp

  • Childrens goal net use high-quality materials, freely adjustable size

Toy Football Net Specification

Height size138CM
Parts listFootball net x3

40cm connection pipe x4

50cm connection pipe x4

65cm connection pipe x4

Two-end Angled connector x12

Two-end straight connector x3

Three-head connector x2

Inflator x1

14cm football x1

10cm football x1

What is Size of the Football Goal Post?

Boit toy childs goal net size is 138cm, we also offer custom size of plastic football nets. You can get more custom toy football goal posts specifications by email.

Toy Goal Posts For The Garden, Picnic, Family

You can play football net toy games with your children, enhance your relationship, make your children feel lonely, and cultivate an optimistic personality. Enjoy plastic soccer net sports anytime, anywhere.

If you need to play easy setup soccer goals at garden, yard, park, which means childrens indoor football goals would be placed outdoor for a long time. Our junior soccer goals are durable and available in various weather conditions. In addition, our toy goal posts are convenient for parks and beaches, children can finish setting in a few minutes. 

Kids Football Goals and Junior Goals for Children of all Ages

  • Children's Football Goals Posts for the Garden

Sports ball game has many types, junior football nets is the most popular outdoor football game among children. With a proper youth soccer net size and a garden or yard, kids can have great fun of playing child's goal post net with friends or family.

  • Junior Soccer Goals Nets for the Training and Practice

Besides leisure time, football small goal post also can be used for team training and practice. Our children's football nets are of durability and safety terms. A good junior football goal set,a typical outdoor plastic playset, can be used for many years if they are maintained at a steady pace. According to your budgets, we manufacturer a series of junior soccer goals to meet your various demands. We can bring great value for your soccer training and practice project.

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