Choosing Methods of the Plastic Outdoor Playset

The safety of plastic toys has always been the focus of attention. Do you know how to choose plastic toys? The following are some of the selection methods of plastic outdoor toys shared by BOIT.

At present, there are too many unqualified plastic toys on the market, which bring great harm to children, especially inferior plastic toys. Are low-quality plastic toys harmful to children? Do parents know how to choose plastic toys for their children? The following is the selection method of plastic toys provided by BOIT. The selection method of children's plastic outdoor toy set is analyzed as follows:

1. Choose plastic outdoor playset products with 3C certification

When buying plastic toys, you must choose those with 3C certification, which is the abbreviation of China Compulsory Product Certification. The state stipulates that plastic toys must pass the national compulsory product certification, and a qualified outdoor toy supplier should have the CCC mark. If there is no 3C certification on the product packaging, it means that the product is fake and inferior.

2. The choice of thickness of plastic outdoor playset

Check the thickness of plastic outdoor toys for toddlers. The biggest feature of plastic toys is that the finished products or parts are injection-molded at one time. If the inner wall of the injection-molded toy is too thin, it is easy to be broken when playing. Cause danger. Under normal circumstances, the plastic wall at the corners or arcs is thicker than in other places, which increases the damage tolerance of the toy when it falls to the ground and reduces the degree of damage.

3. Smell the smell of plastic outdoor playset

You should smell the plastic outdoor playset. If children's toys have a pungent smell, they should contain harmful substances, such as phthalate plasticizers.

4. Try out plastic outdoor playset

You should try out plastic toys. For safety reasons, parents are advised to try them carefully when buying toys to see if there are potential safety hazards and whether they are suitable for use by babies.

5. The choice of gloss and color vividness of plastic outdoor playset

Check the gloss and color vividness of the toy. High-quality children's plastic outdoor toy sets are much better than inferior toys in gloss and color vividness. This is because high-quality plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, and the plastic itself is very shiny. Many inferior toys are usually made of secondary materials, which are materials that are recycled and reprocessed from waste plastic products, and their color will deteriorate.

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