Mini Lock Top Snack Containers

Container store small plastic boxes is made by BPA-free plastic.

Little plastic storage containers makes for snacks but is also very useful for organizing small items, such as first aid organization, beads, crafts, crayons, desk supplies, playing cards and much more things as your wish.

Small plastic box storage created by Boitplastic4fun small plastic containers bulk wholesale manufacturers are BPA-free containers that are simple to clean, easy to use and organize. The tiny plastic containers with lids should not be heated for drying. Buy small plastic containers at wholesale price.

Container Store Small Plastic Boxes
Plastic Small Boxes with Lids
Small Plastic Containers with Lids
Small Storage Containers Plastic
Tiny Plastic Containers with Lids

Tiny Plastic Storage Containers Video

Small plastic food containers with lids made by us have kid-friendly lids that stay firmly in place yet are readily removed by toddlers. It is also lae proof and you don’t need to worry the leakage problem. 

Plastic Outdoor Snack Box

Advantages of Little Plastic Storage Containers

  • It can be used in the kitchen room, desk organization, and outdoors.

  • It is easy to use, and the design of the side clip is ingenious.

  • Use environmentally friendly and safe materials.

  • you can take a 6-pc Set in different colors or customize the color of the box or clips.

  • Also, you can do printed patterns on the lid.

  • Easy mini bite lock top snack containers are frequently imitated but never equaled. They are stackable, portable, reusable, and cost-effective to prepare healthy snacks for school, work, or picnic. The four perfectly portioned compartments of small plastic storage boxes with lids make it simple to pack a variety of snacks for children and adults of all ages.

Tiny Plastic Containers with Lids Specification

Plastic outdoor snack box

Application of Mini Snack Pots

These snack boxes can be used for storing beads for jewelry making, holding a deck of cards, Children's crayons, perfect for holding small craft items.

Our plastic small snack containers for sale are made with the ideal size for portion-controlled snacks. Each small plastic storage boxes with lids can hold at least 5 croissants and allow you to pack exactly the proper amount without having to measure it.

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