What You Can't Miss-Super Fun Outdoor Toss Game

Mar 10-2023

Children have many outdoor throwing games, some are common equipment, such as balls, sandbags, darts, etc.; some are alternative objects that children find and use themselves, such as small stones, pa...
10 Mar
How to Choose Plastic Products for Children?

Mar 03-2023

Plastic products are becoming increasingly popular with parents due to their lightweight, novel appearance, bright colors, and durability. Many children's products such as tableware, toys, and sch...
03 Mar
How to Distinguish Good and Bad Plastic Materials for Children's Toys?

Feb 24-2023

Although there are many children's toys made of plastic materials, many people cannot distinguish whether these plastic materials are good or bad, because few people have a clear understanding of ...
24 Feb
Plastic Toys Are a Common Type of Children's Toys in Daily Life

Feb 17-2023

Plastic outdoor toys have become a popular gift among parents for their children. However, many of these toys are made of plastic, and children often like to chew on them. While it is not uncommon for...
17 Feb
Selection and Sanitization Methods for Children's Toys

Feb 10-2023

As a children's toy, it has a crucial factor, which is that it must be able to attract children's attention. It requires toys to have bright colors, rich sounds, and easy-to-use features. It i...
10 Feb
Promoting Holistic Development in Children through Ball Sports

Feb 03-2023

For children, it is also necessary to strengthen their physical activity in their daily lives in order to get better results. Children's physical activity can be improved and regulated through bal...
03 Feb
Several Beneficial Ball Games for Children

Jan 27-2023

Ball games are relatively ancient children's games. In ball games, not only can children's wrist strength be trained, but also their ability to control direction can be trained,. It alsocould ...
27 Jan
Enhancing Baby's Intelligence with Toy Balls

Jan 20-2023

Sometimes, some inexpensive items are not inferior to high-end and stylish toys in developing babies' intelligence and abilities in various areas such as movement and coordination, such as various...
20 Jan
Selecting Plastic Outdoor Toys for Children is Also a Compulsory Course

Jan 13-2023

Toys are indispensable consumer goods in the growth process of babies, but some children's toys with safety hazards and dangers can become "killers" that cause accidental injuries to bab...
13 Jan
How Do You View the Gap Between the Prices of Park Outdoor Playground Equipment?

Jan 11-2023

Building a park and purchasing amusement equipment is an essential step. Many buyers will shop around when choosing an amusement equipment manufacturer.However, it is often found that the construction...
11 Jan
How to Attract Children to Play Outdoor Amusement Equipment?

Jan 06-2023

If people want to run plastic outdoor playground equipment, the first thing they need to do is to capture children's attention, because children are the biggest consumer group for outdoor playgrou...
06 Jan
How Do Children's Outdoor Playgrounds Operate?

Dec 15-2022

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the need for people to pursue high-quality life is increasing day by day. As a product for adjusting our lives, amusement equipment ha...
15 Dec
How Should Kid's Outdoor Playground Planning Be Done?

Dec 08-2022

Outdoor playgrounds are a paradise for children to play. Many parents and friends also like to take their children to various outdoor playgrounds to play. During holidays, children of different ages c...
08 Dec
Overview and Advantages of Children's Outdoor Playground Equipment

Nov 15-2022

Children's outdoor playground equipment is a kind of playground equipment that children like to play very much now. Generally, a complete set is installed in playgrounds and other places.Children ...
15 Nov
What Do You Need to Pay Attention to in the Process of Ordering Amusement Equipment from Manufacturers?

Aug 17-2022

With the continuous increase in the functions of R&D and design of playground entertainment equipment, each function will appear to have different amusement effects in layout, and the experience w...
17 Aug
How to Choose a Scenic Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer?

Aug 10-2022

How to choose outdoor playground equipment manufacturers in scenic spots? Good outdoor playground equipment manufacturers have good design capabilities, and their products should attract children'...
10 Aug
How to Choose Qualified Plastic Outdoor Toys for Toddlers?

Jul 08-2022

1. Regular merchants buy plastic outdoor playsetsCheck whether the labels of toys are standardized, whether they meet the requirements of national standards, and meet 3C or CE standards. All toys must...
08 Jul
What Are the Specific Functions of Kindergarten Plastic Outdoor Toys?

Jul 01-2022

Many people can only see one side of some things, and cannot see the problem dialectically. Just like plastic outdoor playsets are things for children to play with, some parents and teachers worry tha...
01 Jul
Outdoor Children's Plastic Amusement Equipment is Highly Profitable, and It is Very Important to Handle Off-season Operations

Jun 08-2022

Changes in market demand and changes in people's consumption enthusiasm will lead to differences in sales between off-season and peak seasons, and an excellent project will never let off-season op...
08 Jun
The Development of Ball Games for Kids in Different Age Groups of Young Children

Jun 01-2022

1. The development value of ball games for kids in children's teachingAt present, kindergarten education and teaching are mainly carried out in the form of game activities, and outdoor games are a...
01 Jun
What Should Kindergartens Pay Attention to when Choosing Outdoor Slides?

May 24-2022

During the overall construction of the kindergarten, outdoor slides are indispensable, because whenever the children have time, the teacher will also take the children to play such recreational facili...
24 May
What Are the Best Ball Games for Babies?

May 10-2022

It seems that the baby will not get bored with the round ball. We have summarized some ball game toys, so that parents don't have to rack their brains to think about which ball games are more suit...
10 May
The Most Classic Ball Games Can Be Attractive

Apr 18-2022

Today, here an article about ball game toy for you. Many mothers say that they don't know what to play with their babies at home. All the games in the early education class will help you move home...
18 Apr
How to Choose a Safe Plastic Lifetime Playset?

Apr 04-2022

Toys are baby's playmates, almost every baby will have their own toys, and among these toys, most of them are plastic toys and plastic lifetime playsets. The plastic lifetime playsets are not easy...
04 Apr
Children Can Develop the Body when They Play Outdoors Playset

Mar 16-2022

Ⅰ. The kid outdoor play equipment that is very popular with kindergarten childrenPlaying slides in kindergartens can improve children's physical health. Children's muscle strength is well exe...
16 Mar
Little Tikes Hockey Set for 4 Years Old Children – Throwing the Ball

Mar 02-2022

Ⅰ. The exercise value of little tikes hockey set1. The little tikes hockey set can develop the skills of two-handed throwing and enhance the strength of the arms.2. The little tikes hockey set can im...
02 Mar
Changing Baby's Shyness with Strangers Starts with Little Tikes Hockey Set

Feb 16-2022

1. Little tikes hockey set can improve toddlers being shy with strangers"Plastic basketball hoop" can improve children's "be shy with strangers". Maybe parents don't even t...
16 Feb
8 Ball Games - Toddlers Can Play Whatever They Want!

Feb 02-2022

Ball games, not only can train children's wrist strength, but also can train children's ability to control direction with hands, improve hand-eye coordination, and enhance children's rapid...
02 Feb
Something About Plastic Playset for Young Children

Jan 18-2022

1. Which material is good for the plastic outdoor playset?Most of the current outdoor plastic playsets are made of general-purpose plastic materials, such as PP plastic materials, PE plastic materials...
18 Jan
Slight-odor Toy Paint - The First Choice for Children's Plastic Toys

Jan 05-2022

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for toys is increasing. However, many parents do not have a strong sense of screening toys, many of them are more inclined to choose p...
05 Jan
How to Store Plastic Lifetime Playset?

Dec 23-2021

Plastic toys are prone to oxidation and aging, so they must be stored carefully. Do you know how to store plastic lifetime playsets? Are poor-quality plastic toys harmful to children? Now BOIT will in...
23 Dec
The Difference Between Rubber Toys and Plastic Toys

Dec 16-2021

Now there are various toys and a variety of materials in the market. The common one is rubber toys and kids plastic outdoor playsets. Because both of them have superplasticity, the styles of toys are ...
16 Dec
The Advantages of Children Playing Ball Game Toy

Nov 17-2021

Ⅰ. The advantages of children playing ball game toy1. Promote good healthBall games sports, as a comprehensive ball game, can fully exercise all parts of the children's body, comprehensively and ...
17 Nov
Applicable Age of Plastic Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Nov 03-2021

Children's plastic outdoors playset has the characteristics of intuitive imagery. Children can touch, hold, listen, blow, watch and so on, which is conducive to the training of various sense organ...
03 Nov
Maintenance Skills of Kids Plastic Outdoor Playset

Oct 26-2021

As people's living standards continue to improve, consumers have the opportunity to enjoy higher-quality products and services. Therefore, people's care for children is becoming stronger. The ...
26 Oct
Conformity Mark of Kids Plastic Outdoor Playset

Oct 19-2021

Now the toy market is very chaotic, especially plastic outdoor toys, which have many inferior products. So how to buy qualified plastic toys? Next, BOIT will tell you about the standard identification...
19 Oct
Choosing Methods of the Plastic Outdoor Playset

Oct 12-2021

The safety of plastic toys has always been the focus of attention. Do you know how to choose plastic toys? The following are some of the selection methods of plastic outdoor toys shared by BOIT.At pre...
12 Oct
What Are the Common Materials for Outdoor Toys for Toddlers?

Oct 05-2021

In recent years, children's parks have developed rapidly. Due to the increasingly fierce market of indoor children's parks, many investors and entrepreneurs will turn their attention to childr...
05 Oct
What Is the Design and Production Process of Plastic Outdoor Playset?

Sep 22-2021

Every industry has a product golden sales cycle. In terms of toy products, New Year's Day, Children's Day, Christmas and other holidays are a good time for toy sales. Therefore, experienced pl...
22 Sep
What Are the Design Concepts of Plastic Toys for Children?

Sep 15-2021

With the improvement of living conditions, toys are not only bought in shopping malls or online, but also looking for customized plastic lifetime playset and more functional toys. Good toys can bring ...
15 Sep
What Are the Advantages of Playing Football for Children?

Sep 08-2021

Although the current learning tasks are heavy, many parents still pay attention to their children's physical exercises. What are the benefits of children playing ball game toy?1. Ball game toy spo...
08 Sep
What Are the Plastic Materials in Kids Toys?

Sep 01-2021

It is impossible that you and children never touch plastic. But in most cases, you don't have to worry. Even for very young children, most plastic garden kids toys are very safe.1. Kids toys outsi...
01 Sep
How to Identify the Quality of Plastic Children's Toys?

Aug 23-2021

When buying toys for children, parents are most concerned about the quality and safety of toys. Some plastic toys made of inferior plastic and leftover materials are harmful to children's health. ...
23 Aug
Safety Testing Standard for Kids Plastic Lifetime Playset

Aug 16-2021

When it comes to children's toy testing, we have to mention the National Safety Technical Code for Toys, the national compulsory standard. This standard specifies risks caused by ingestion or inha...
16 Aug
How to Clean Kids Plastic Toys?

Aug 09-2021

The pirate outdoor toys of babies are always dirty after a long-term use. How should they be cleaned? According to the requirements of various users, Boit specially summarizes some methods for your re...
09 Aug
What is Kids Outdoors Playset?

Aug 02-2021

When a child grows up, he is not as disciplined as when he was a child who still needed company when he went out. He had to have his parents around wherever he went. Now that the child grows up, he ca...
02 Aug
The characteristics of plastic and its application in toys

Jul 27-2021

Plastic has penetrated into all aspects of our lives. Without plastic, our modern civilization will no longer exist. More and more plastics are not properly disposed of, causing many environmental pro...
27 Jul
Disinfection Methods for Plastic Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Jul 22-2021

1. Ozone fumigation and disinfection of plastic outdoor toys for toddlersAt present, disinfection cabinets and disinfection boxes that can produce ozone are sold, most of which are used for disinfecti...
22 Jul
Do you know the benefits of playing ball games for children?

Jul 20-2021

Children naturally like ball games.Put a ball in front of the child, and the child will instinctively kick it with his feet or touch it with his hands. Ball games not only conform to the child's p...
20 Jul
2021 Summer Tokyo Olympics

Jul 19-2021

After being postponed for a year due to the new crown epidemic, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will finally debut on July 23.At this Olympics, five new sports will be included in the medal competition, inclu...
19 Jul
What Material is Good for Kids Plastic Outdoor Playset

Jul 15-2021

Children like to play with toys which on the market are made of various materials. In addition to the appearance of the toy, parents will also seriously consider the material of the toy, because the q...
15 Jul
How to choose gifts for kids?The most distressed thing for parents. Most useful gift selection guide in 2021! (Including boys& girls )

Jul 14-2021

Are you also worrying about how to choose gifts for kids for birthday,Christmas day,Childrens’ Day ...? Today’s article is to share with you how to choose the gifts. When buying gifts for children,...
14 Jul
What a great impact toys have on children!

Jul 13-2021

What a great impact toys have on children!Children always learn about the world and explore the unknown during amusement. In this process, toys are an indispensable auxiliary method and an integral pa...
13 Jul
The latest toys fashion trends in 2021

Jul 12-2021

According to the United States Toy Association,the "Toy Trends Briefing" recently released , which analyzes the popular trends of the US toy market in 2021,and summarizes the four major trends.Inter...
12 Jul
Largest toy exhibition in Asia:China Toy Expo (CTE) will be hold Oct 19,2021

Jul 09-2021

We have good news to tell everyone that we will participate in the China Toy Expo (CTE) hold in Shanghai from October 19th to October 21st. China Toy Expo has been successfully held for 19 years by t...
09 Jul
What Are the Benefits of Ball Games for Kids?

Jul 08-2021

If the toy ball does not have a battery or needs to be inflated, we can go to the toy store to replace it, because a special inflator is needed to inflate it. Be careful when inflating, don't over...
08 Jul
Outdoor play toys:Children need to stay away from electronic products

Jul 05-2021

According to the survey,Children are becoming more and more addicted to electronic productsWith Children spending more and more time on screens, parents worry that their children will be depressed or ...
05 Jul
How Do Babies of Different Ages Play with Ball Game Toy?

Jul 01-2021

There are many types of balls. No matter which kind of ball is a child's favourite, it is necessary to know how to play. How do children play with a ball game toy?1. How do babies play with ball g...
01 Jul
COVID-19 - Control and Prevention

Jun 30-2021

Due to the recent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Guangzhou.Guangzhou province launched mass coronavirus testing on these daysTo prevent infecting with COVID-19.
30 Jun
Why The Raw Material Costs of Plastic Rise?

Jun 29-2021

The price of plastics is not stable.It depends on many influences .like the price of oil, market conditions...For manufacturer,it will be a bottom-line headache.
29 Jun
Plastic4fun Has On-line Shop

Jun 16-2021

For customers from the world getting convenient to buy our goods. We opened an online shop. Now you can directly purchase from our web.
16 Jun
Move to New Plant

Jun 10-2021

There has good news for you! With the going up production, our factory will move to the new site. The previous site was in Yunlong, now we will move to Tangxi.
10 Jun
The Birth Plastic4fun

Jun 10-2021

Ningbo Boit Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. established in 2020 The predecessor is Ningbo Yinzhou Handi Industry located in Ningbo and set up in 2008.
10 Jun
Predecessor Is Ningbo Yinzhou Handi Industry Located In Ningbo, and Set Up In 2008

May 19-2021

10 Years+ R & D: we have been committed to the research and development of children's toys with rich experience.
19 May