Several Beneficial Ball Games for Children

Ball games are relatively ancient children's games. In ball games, not only can children's wrist strength be trained, but also their ability to control direction can be trained,. It alsocould improve hand-eye coordination and enhance children's response ability. The bouncing characteristics of ball toys stimulate children's thinking and recognition of the change of the direction of movement, thereby enhancing their ability to predict the direction of movement.

1. Catching and Throwing Ball Game for Young Children

Parents should stand at a certain distance from the child and gently throw the ball to the child, and encourage them to catch it. This action is difficult, so at the beginning, parents can hold the child's hands to help them catch the ball, allowing the child to have a sense of achievement and stimulate interest in the game. Encourage the child to complete the task independently after multiple exercises. Adjust the distance between you and your child according to their performance.

The ball game for young children like hand trampoline ball game trains their hand-eye coordination and quick response ability.

2. Catching the Ball After It Bounces for Young Children in Ball Game

Based on the first game, parents can first bounce the ball on the ground and then require the child to catch it. Similarly to the previous game, you should help the child complete the task first, and then guide them to complete it independently. Improve the child's hand-eye coordination and enable them to have some predictive ability for the changing direction of movement.

3. Playing with the Ball in Place for Young Children in Ball Game

With the skill of catching the ball after it bounces, parents can teach the baby to hit the ball downwards and then catch it. This is relatively difficult for children over two years old, so parents can break down the action and let the baby help parents complete it. For example, if you hit the ball, let the baby catch the ball, or let the baby hit the ball, you catch the ball. Repeat many times, and then teach the child to do it continuously. Children around three years old can basically master it. For babies who perform well, you can teach them to hit the ball continuously.

The ball game for young children trains children's advanced consecutive action sports skills.

4. Bowling for Young Children in Ball Game

Use empty cans as targets and let the child sit two meters away from the target and roll the ball to knock down the cans. Observe whether the child's rolling motion has directionality. Promote the development of children's hand-eye coordination and improve their spatial perception ability.

5. Using Feet to Push the Ball for Young Children in Ball Game

Let the baby sit facing the wall 50 cm away, support themselves behind their body with their arms, and place a ball toy in front of the baby's feet. First, let the baby practice rolling the ball on the spot with the sole of their foot, and after becoming proficient, teach them to kick the ball out with their feet and try to catch the ball that bounces back with their feet. Strengthen the baby's lower limb motor strength and control ability.

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