Hover Hockey Set for 3-12 Year Old Kids

Hover hockey set are made of premium and toxic-free materials and make sure it does no harm to kids.

You can assemble 2in1 sports and outdoor hockey hover set together with your parents or friends then play and enjoy the game with them.

And boy toy hockey set conversely creates a good rebound for hours of fun. Let your children establish a friendship during outside ball games time.

This ball will inhale the air from the bottom with the motor fan to glide on any smooth and hard surface, LED light to enhance the enjoyment.

Little Tikes Hockey Set
Boy Toy Hover Hockey Set
3 in 1 Little Tikes Hockey Set
Sports and Outdoor Little Tikes Hockey
Boy Toy Hockey Play Set
Sports and Outdoor Hockey Hover Set
Hockey Hover Set Hover Hockey Set
2 in 1 Hockey Game Toy
2in1 Hoivring Hockey Game for Kids
Boy Toy Hockey Set
Indoor Hockey Toy Set for Boy and Girls
Childs Hover Hockey Set
Sports and Outdoor Hockey Toy Set

Hockey Toy Set Installation Video

Hovering Hockey Game

Compare with Air Hockey Play Set, Advantage of Toy Hover Hockey Set

  • Various colors for the LED lights of hover ball.

  • The foam bumper around the hover hockey set makes indoor games possible, which will protect the furniture & everything from scratches. Toy hockey set can also ensure that the game is safe for children.

  • Eco-friendly material.

  • Customize for customers.

  • As one of childrens outdoor toys and games, our hockey toy set attaches great importance to quality.

  • Childs hockey set have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.

  • Air hover hockey set keep your children from LED products and have a healthier time exercising.

  • Little tikes hockey attract kids' attention and they can form good habit of focusing.

Specification of Hover Hockey Game

Hovering Hockey Game



Packing size





2 x AAA  Batteries (not included)

Parts list


Right angeled connectorx12

Short connectorx4

Goal netx2

Long tubex12

Short tubex4


Hover ballx1


Head for hockey stickx2

Hockey stickx4

Connect for hockey stickx2


Application of Hover Hockey Set

It is really a fun outdoor game for kids, Easy interactive indoor games to learn,  promote their sports&scoring skills and develop teamwork & unity awareness through sports, also good recreational activities for friends and family members.

  • Hovering Hockey Game for Party, Picnic and Family

Boit's child's hockey set is durable and safe, playing some interactive indoor learning games will enable children's awareness of team spirit and cooperation. Besides, you can also play hover hockey set with your family, whenever you are at a party, picnic, or family dinner.

  • Hockey Game Toy for Boys and Girls

Everyone who is above 5 years old, can have great fun in boit hockey game toy. Our hockey toy set is a perfect toys for boys and girls, their colorful appearance and  can attract kids attention and exercise their body perfomance.

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