How Should Kid's Outdoor Playground Planning Be Done?

Outdoor playgrounds are a paradise for children to play. Many parents and friends also like to take their children to various outdoor playgrounds to play. During holidays, children of different ages can be seen playing in every corner of the playground.

Therefore, the kid's outdoor playground market is very large, and more and more businesses choose to invest in kid's outdoor playgrounds. So before investing, what should we do in our outdoor playground planning? 

The concept of outdoor playground planning may be a symbol of nature, perhaps a mini version of the adult world, but the most important thing is to focus on children and actively respond to the ever-changing growth environment. When planning outdoor playgrounds, pay attention to the following three o'clock.

Ⅰ. Area planning of kid's outdoor playgrounds

The average children's playground is planned to be about 100 square meters, and different children's play areas can be about 10 square meters.

Then there are 10 play areas in 100 square meters, which is a more reasonable plan. If there are many children playing around, the area budget can be increased accordingly.

Ⅱ. The main points of site selection for kid's outdoor playgrounds

1. The location of kid's outdoor playgrounds facilities should be convenient for transportation, and it can be selected near a bus or subway.

2. There are many surrounding communities and the location of kindergartens.

3. The location of the kid's outdoor playgrounds should be well-lit, and the environment should be kept dry and ventilated.

4. Avoid places with too much noise nearby, such as factories.

Ⅲ. Functional area of kid's outdoor playgrounds

Children's outdoor play facilities are aimed at children and kindergarten children. Children of different ages should have corresponding play areas. The reference suggestions are as follows.

1. Children aged 0-3 have insufficient exercise conditions. Climbing and rolling are the main play behaviors. Simple outdoor play equipment can be set up.

2. Children aged 3-6 have obvious movement characteristics and can complete some simple amusement projects independently.

3. Children aged 7-12 have their own thinking and action, and can set up some large plastic outdoor play equipment.

4. Children's sports area

5. Children and parents rest area

6. Playground staff office area

Ⅳ. Layout planning of outdoor playground equipment

1. Entrance and exit: give clear information. This is a children's play area. The planning is simple and clear, and some popular elements that children like can be placed.

2. Terrain: To ensure the safety of children's play, the terrain is flat and there is no stagnant water.

3. Purchase of children's outdoor amusement equipment: It is recommended to purchase from the same amusement equipment manufacturer, and the after-sale is guaranteed.

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