Changing Baby's Shyness with Strangers Starts with Little Tikes Hockey Set

1. Little tikes hockey set can improve toddlers being shy with strangers

"Plastic basketball hoop" can improve children's "be shy with strangers". Maybe parents don't even think about it. Children "be shy with strangers" are mostly panicked because they don't feel safe.

If you can exercise your child's ability to control space, in a strange environment, the child's sense of security will increase, and the "be shy with strangers" emotion will gradually decrease.

Neuroanatomist Marion Diamond, in his book "The Magical Tree of the Mind," emphasizes the importance of spatial training. For example, the little tikes hockey toy set of throwing sandbags can stimulate both physical and emotional at the same time.

He pointed out that spatial intelligence "is one of the most practical abilities." Parents can place several tall and light empty beverage bottles within a certain distance, and demonstrate to the baby how to throw sandbags to knock them down.

Be a little closer to the baby at first. Gradually keep the distance and the baby will soon find out. When the target is farther away, more effort is required. After each hit, encourage the baby greatly to improve the baby's interest in throwing.

2. What are the benefits of toddler throwing games for babies?

Throw sandbags or balls at the target. Plastic basketball hoop not only develops hand-eye coordination, but also can slowly make the baby move towards objects and the results that occur. With the ability to estimate and grasp gradually, this natural way of learning causality and improving balance will continuously improve your baby's self-confidence, and a confident baby will no longer be shy with strangers.

Babies will be "shy with strangers" when they are in unfamiliar environments. In fact, adults sometimes do the same. This panic lies in the inability to control a certain atmosphere of the environment. People are unfamiliar and the environment is also unfamiliar. If a person has a strong sense of space, he will quickly adjust his mentality and look for a familiar feeling, perhaps a person or a thing. When he is confident in his ability to control the environment, he becomes calm and fluent in language.

There are also many ways to train spatial awareness, such as plastic basketball hoop with building blocks. Half of the classroom is filled with building blocks of various sizes, and children's logical ability and spatial thinking creativity are very strong.

These children are not "shy with strangers", because the sense of security comes from the grasp of spatial cause and effect, and they are sensitive but very confident.

Babies start throwing things vigorously from the age of nine months. From this time on, parents should stop stopping their exploratory behavior of "throwing things", and should create some plastic basketball hoop to let them grow.

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