8 Ball Games - Toddlers Can Play Whatever They Want!

Ball games, not only can train children's wrist strength, but also can train children's ability to control direction with hands, improve hand-eye coordination, and enhance children's rapid response ability.

The rebound characteristics of outside ball games enable children to think and understand the changes in the direction of movement of things, and improve their ability to predict the direction of movement.

After a child completes independent walking, the development and formation of advanced motor skills, such as jumping, imitation of body movements, catching a ball, and skipping rope, will follow. The improvement and cultivation of children's athletic ability requires our instructors to formulate a set of scientific training plans that meet the children's developmental characteristics in combination with the children's physiological characteristics.

1. Catching and throwing of ball games for toddlers

At a certain distance from the child, gently toss the ball to the child and encourage the child to catch it. This action is more difficult. At the beginning, you can ask another teacher or parent to help the child to pull the two hands of the child to help the child catch ball game toy, so that the child has a sense of achievement and stimulates the interest in the ball games for toddlers.

Encourage your child to do it independently after several exercises. The distance between the ball and the child should be adjusted appropriately according to the child's completion to train the child's hand-eye coordination and quick reaction ability.

2. Pick up the bounced ball in the children's ball game

On the basis of the first step of game training, you can first bounce the ball on the ground, and then ask the child to catch it. As with the last toddler's ball game, you first assist your child to complete the movements and then guide him through the movements on his own.

Plastic outdoor toys for toddlers improve children's hand-eye coordination ability, so that children have a certain ability to predict changes in the direction of movement of things.

3. Shooting and holding the ball on the spot of children's ball games

With the skill of catching a bouncing ball, teachers can teach children to shoot the ball down and then hold it. Train your child's advanced continuous movement motor skills.

4. Push the ball with feet in ball games for toddlers

Have the child sit facing the wall 50 cm away and support the floor with the arms behind the body. Put a ball under the baby's feet, let the child practice rolling the ball with the sole of the foot first, and then teach the child to kick the ball out with his feet and catch the bounced ball with his feet as much as possible. Ball games for toddlers enhance children's lower body motor muscle strength and control.

5. The ball game for children

Sit on the ground face to face with your child at least 2 meters apart, with your legs apart. Then play the ball with your child. During the game, you should add some "sound effects" dubbing with the rolling of the ball to enhance the interest of children's ball games. Improve your child's wrist strength and hand-eye coordination.

6. Pitching of children's ball games

Give the child a small ball that can be held in one hand, and teach the child to hold the ball and throw it over the shoulder. You can increase the weight of the ball when appropriate; then give the child a ball that must be picked up with both hands, and teach the child to toss or shoot.

During the toddler's ball game, you can ask the child to throw it towards a fixed target. Enhance the child's arm strength, improve the development of physical coordination and hand-eye coordination.

7. Parent-child "snatch" ball contest of children's ball games

Prepare ping pong balls and a few larger spoons, and place the ping pong balls in a plastic basket. The children are divided into two groups, and the first child has another small bowl in his hand. After the game began, two groups of children scooped the balls into small bowls with spoons and completed the game in turn. The group that scooped the most balls was the winner.

Special reminder: It is best not to use smaller glass beads, which are prone to danger. Ball games for toddlers improve children's hand control and hand-eye coordination. Help your child form friendships with others.

8. Blowing table tennis for children's ball games

Prepare a ping-pong ball and use blocks to build a small gate as the goal, and place the ping-pong ball 20 cm away from the goal. The teacher first demonstrates how to blow the ball into the goal with the mouth, and then let the child try it. When the child scores, the teacher should encourage the child in time.

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