Flying Disc Bottle Ball Game

A flying disc bottle drop game can be played by any age. The pole can be adjustable for different heights.

Bottle drop yard game can be easily set up well in a few minutes in backyard parties, beach, lawn...There is also has a storage bag for ease of packing up.

People hit the opponent's bottle off the pole with their disc.

Play it with friends & families not only can mobilize body functions, but also enjoy the time with them.

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Flying Disc Bottle Ball Game

Advantage of Flying Disc Bottle Drop Game

  • Easy to install and easy to carry.

  • Adding water to the base becomes stable and convenient.

  • High-quality materials, freely adjustable size.

  • Eco-friendly material.

  • Customize for customers.

  • Attach great importance to quality.

  • Products have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.

What's Other Name Of Bottle Drop Game?

Bottle drop game's other name including bottle drop frisbee game, bottle drop yard game, bottle bash game set, frisbee pole drinking game, polish frisbee drinking game and ski pole frisbee drinking game. These games are the same in playing rules. Different nations' bottle drop yard game has different appearance.

What's The Beer Frisbee Rules?

First, you must have a bottles. You can hold it in your left hand or right hand. Be sure you have one bottle in your hand

Second, You must throw the frisbee from behind your post.

Thirdly, You can only catch the frisbee once it is behind your post.

Specification of Flying Disc Bottle Drop Game

What Size PVC Do You Need For Beersbee?

Frisbee beer bottle game



Height size




Parts list

frisbee x1

Cola bottle x1

Product base x1

Connecting rod x1

Pipe (30cm) x3

Application of Flying Disc Bottle Drop Game

You can play interactive games with your children, enhance your relationship, make your children feel lonely, and cultivate an optimistic personality. Enjoy sports anytime, anywhere.

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