What Are the Best Ball Games for Babies?

It seems that the baby will not get bored with the round ball. We have summarized some ball game toys, so that parents don't have to rack their brains to think about which ball games are more suitable for the baby. Let's have a look together.

Balls recommendation: All kinds of rubber or plastic balls that the baby can easily pick up can be gradually provided to him to play, such as table tennis, massage balls, ocean balls, small leather balls, tennis, inflatable beach balls, etc.

1. Roll ball backward of ball games for toddlers

Prepare a small plastic ball, teach the baby to stretch his arms, hold the ball with both hands, lift the ball above his head, and then roll the ball down the back of his neck. The game can be repeated.

Effect: This kind of ball game for toddlers can promote the movement of the baby's arm muscles and exercise the baby's ability to control the ball with both hands.

2. The little pitcher of ball games for toddlers

Prepare a small massage ball, and then place a large-diameter container, such as a basket, on the ground half a meter to one meter away from the baby, so that the baby can purposefully throw the massage ball into the basket.

When throwing the ball, parents had better add a voice, such as "prepare, shoot" to increase the fun of children's ball games.

Effect: The pitching game can exercise the baby's arm strength and hand-eye coordination.

3. Bowling ball games of ball games for toddlers

Prepare a small ball and a few empty plastic beverage bottles or cans, place the plastic bottles in the shape of a bowling ball, let the baby stand about 1 meter in front, push the ball hard, and see how many bottles can be knocked down.

At the beginning, the distance between the baby and the plastic bottle can be closer, and after the baby is proficient in using ball toys, the pushing distance can be gradually increased.

Effect: This ball games for toddlers can exercise the baby's hand strength, promote the baby's ability to track objects with the eyes, and improve the spatial perception ability.

4. Throwing the ball of ball games for toddlers

Prepare a small basketball, you and your baby sit face to face on the floor, let the baby hold the small basketball, and push the ball to you with both hands from the chest.

You catch the ball and then hand it to the baby, and let him push and play repeatedly. After the baby is proficient in playing with ball toys, the distance between you can gradually increase.

Effect: This outside ball games for toddlers can exercise the baby's arm strength and enhance the baby's sense of direction of movement.

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